Daily updates on foreign exchange news

Novox 10.21 Reference of Fx market

Resisetance Level:1.3000 Support Level: 1.2900

The pound reached to the bottom and rebounded after the opening in the morning, current price is around 1.29600. Recently, the British pound was affected by the Brexit issue, and the trend was weak and there was no upward momentum. Although it pulled up for a short time last night, it did not maintain a high point. Today, the pound continued to rise slightly. If the pound and the United States can hold the support level, there is still a chance to rise.

Resisetance Level:1.18400 Support Level:1.17800

At the opening in the morning, the euro rose sharply and the current price is around 1.1830. This week the European Central Bank President's speech gave the euro upward momentum, and the euro broke the recent pressure for a short time. During the Asian trading session today, the euro continued its trend last night. After the euro broke through 1.18, the general direction went towards 1.19.

Resisetance Level:0.71200 Support Level:0.70470

The Australian dollar bottomed after the opening in the morning, and the current price is near 0.70650. Recently, the Australian dollar has continued to decline under the influence of the US dollar index, and the fundamentals of Australia itself have continued to be negative, so the Australian dollar has not been able to rise. Today, the Australian dollar continues its downward trend. If the US dollar index increases its rebound, the Australian dollar still risks continuing its correction.