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NOVOX Group Co, Ltd. (NOVOX GLOBAL LIMITED) was established in Cyprus, 2014.With the joint efforts of all the company's employees and the company's good reputation, has been unanimously recognized by customers. Recently, NOVOX found some companies copy our website illegally, which significantly affects our reputation and widely misleads our investors. Above all, here are the statement: 

1. The official website of NOVOX GLOBAL LIMITED is, other websites are not owned by NOVOX GLOBAL LIMITED. If there are similar websites, please identify them carefully. In addition, we hereby declare that we do not have any APP product or affiliated website. Any loss caused to you by fake website or APP has nothing to do with our company, and we will reserve the right to pursue its legal liability.
2. NOVOX GLOBAL LIMITED is pursuing legal action against individuals and businesses for any unlawful business practices in our name.
3. Please pay attention to the identification of customers, avoid being cheated and suffer losses! If you need to identify the authenticity of the company, you can make a complaint and report to the official staff, NOVOX official website:; NOVOX official email:

Novox Group Pty Ltd Co.