Daily updates on foreign exchange news

Novox 9.29 Reference of FX market

XAU/USD Resisetance Level:1895 Support Level:1875

Gold price rose sharply after the market opened this morning, the current price has returned to above 1895. The gold price will rise sharply this week. Since the fourth quarter is about to begin, the gold has officially entered the year-end market. Gold maintains an upward trend during the Asian stocks trading stage today, with a short-term target above 1900. From the current technical perspective, gold prices temporarily get rid of downside risks.

GBP/USD Resisetance Level:1.2900 Support Level: 1.27800

GBP/USD were still fluctuating within the range this morning. Last night, the price rose slightly and approached its recent high, and then slightly dropped back. Today, the GBP/USD  price still hovering in the range in the short term. A new point may come if the strong resistance broken.

EUR/USD Resisetance Level:1.17100 Support Level:1.16350

The EUR also rose again this morning, the current price is around 1.17400. The EUR began to increase sharply last night. During the Asian trading hours today, the EUO still maintains an upward trend. From a morphological point of view, EUO will continue to rise slightly in the short term. If can break the recent high point suppression, the EUO still has space to rise.

XTI/USD Resisetance Level:40.900 Support Level:40.350

Crude oil fell sharply after the opening in the morning, last night fell below the recent support level. In the short term, crude oil returns to the weak range area. Recently crude oil trend has been relatively stable, and no more significant news impact. To a certain extent, the trend of crude oil is fluctuating. Today's intraday oil price fell below the resistance in a short time, which will definitely have an adverse effect on the later fluctuation of oil prices.

AUD/USD Resisetance Level:0.71300 Support Level:0.70720

The Australian dollar rose slightly after the opening in the morning, currently near 0.71300. It rose sharply last night, breaking the previous pressure level. Today still has a short-term correction risk, the resistance above the Australian dollar is still strong. However, the US dollar index has returned to below 94, which is a positive effect.