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Indices CFD Adjustment Notice

Thank you for trading with Novox. This email is to inform you that Novox will upgrade indices CFD this weekend (July 31, 2022). From August 1, 2022, the indices CFD will be adjusted as follows:

1. Some Indices contract size will be adjusted, please refer to the table below for details:

2. Margin for all Indices CFD reduced from $1000 USD to $500 USD

3. Optimized spreads of some Indices CFD

Please note that this adjustment will affect your open positions, so the volume and margin of your open positions may change. 


If you still hold 4 lots of Hang Seng Index HK50 after the close on Friday, July 29, 2022, the margin was $4000. Since the contract size of HK50 is increased from 10 to 20, so when the market opens on August 1, 2022, your 4 lots of original HK50 will be replaced with 2 lots of new HK50, and the margin will be adjusted from $4000 USD to $1000 USD.

This adjustment may increase your margin, resulting in insufficient margin level. If you hold any Indices, please pay attention to your position before the market closes on July 29, 2022, to ensure that your margin level is sufficient after the adjustment.

If you have any questions about this product adjustment, please contact our customer service or email us at